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This weekend see Something's Got Ahold of my Heart

I saw three shows at the Fertile Ground Festival this year, out of the three Something's Got Ahold of my Heart by Hand2Mouth was my favorite. It's a devised piece light on plot, characters, and set but heavy in music, design, exuberance, and catharsis. It's all about falling in love, falling out of love, and trying to keep love alive. It's hard to describe the show and how much I loved it, but this is the last weekend you can see it, so go.

I did find the somewhat hetero-normative for a show about love as an abstract, and I thought to myself "this doesn't really capture some of the specifics of how I experience love." I mention this more because that was the first time I had really had that kind of critical thought about art I was taking in. But most things are hetero-normative wether they are trying to be or not, and they play doesn't purport to claim it's capturing how every single person experiences love, and I still identified with a lot of the sentiment. So go see it already, though I heard it will be back next year in a slightly different form.