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Favorite Songs from 2018

Favorite Songs from 2018

Damien Jurado – Over Rainbows and Rainier

Was Lucifer bashful
In hiding his face from the Lord
Dear Jesus, forgive me
I'm only doing as I was told
For as it is written
I will soon one day face my own fire
And this world will go with me
If I can just get them all on my side 

Darlingside – Extra Life

 It's over now
The flag is sunk
The world has flattened out
Under the underground
I've always found
A level further down
As I begin to lose hold of
The fiery flowerbeds above
Mushroom clouds reset the sky

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel

You know I love it, so please don't stop it
You got me right here, in your jean pocket (right now)
Laying your body on a shag carpet, ooh
You know I love it, so please don't stop it

Lucy Dacus – Night Shift

I feel no need to forgive but I might as well
But let me kiss your lips so I know how it felt
Pay for my coffee and leave before the sun goes down
Walk for hours in the dark feeling all hell 

Mitski – Nobody

And I don't want your pity
I just want somebody near me
Guess I'm a coward
I just want to feel alright
And I know no one will save me
I just need someone to kiss
Give me one good honest kiss
And I'll be alright

Neko Case – Hell On

And me, I am not a mess
I am a wilderness, yes
The undiscovered continent for you to undress
But you'll not be my master
You're barely my guest
You don't have permission to take any pictures
Be careful of the natural world


Robyn – Honey

Let go of your doubts, say yes
Let it soak up into the flesh
Never had this kind of nutrition
And the waves come in and they're golden
But down in the deep the honey is sweeter

Sylvan Esso – PARADE(w/m)E

It's all gone but here we're gonna stay
Anyway but, the concrete is limp
So we're making a parade
It goes left, nothing there
It goes right, watch your step
It goes left, don't look now
It goes right, look straight ahead
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead
Maybe there's some food up there 

Yuno – No Going Back

I know
There's no going back for me, baby
You’re nowhere I wanna be
There's no going back for me, baby
Maybe you'll know how I feel 


My 2018 Reading List

My 2018 Reading List

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