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Write to Publish 2018

Write to Publish 2018

Last weekend I went to the Write to Publish conference put on by Ooligan Press. The goal of Write to Publish is to "demystify the publishing industry for emerging writers." I asked around but couldn't find anyone who had previously attended. One of my writing 'goals' for this year was to push myself as a writer, both artistically and professionally, so I decided to register and hope for the best.

Overall it went great.

There were a variety of panels to choose from during the day. These are the 4 I chose:

  • Heroes, Villains + Support, Oh My!: Writing Realistic and Interesting Characters with Mark Cunningham
  • Your Adventuring Companion: The Ins & Outs of Finding or Being an Agent with Chip MacGregor
  • Under One Banner: Writing Mediums and Submitting to Literary Journals with Finn J.D. John, Kathlene Postma, and Matt Simek
  • The Finest in the Land: Making Your Mark on the Book Market with Joe Biel, Jessie Glenn, and Kait Heacock.

All the panels I attended proved both useful and interesting, but the panel about finding an agent with Chip MacGregor turned out to be exactly the kind of panel I was hoping to find there. I'm working on a novel and various writing friends have told me that I'm going to have to find an agent eventually. Until that panel I had no idea what the best way to find an agent was or even what an agent did. Finding an agent and getting published still seems like a daunting process that might not pan out but at least I know how the process works.

I think it's a great resource for emerging writings. Especially since writing programs seem to focus so heavily on the craft of writing and not enough on the 'business' of being an writer.

The Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize