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Favorite Songs from 2016

Favorite Songs from 2016

Nine of my favorite songs from last year in no particular order.

Blind Pilot – Don’t Doubt

Now you don't have a word to call this kind
Of the year, made you knell and beg it to turn you right

Joseph – I Don’t Mind

I never know your troubles
I only know what’s mine

Laura Gibson – Empire Builder

Thought I heard you whisper in the dark
That you knew were the light would be
Thought I saw your shape against the black
Thought I felt you moving beside me
We are not alone
And we are more alone
Than we’ve ever been

Lisa Prank – Starting Again

You say your not still drinking
You just started again
I swear I don’t still miss you
I just started again

Lucius – Born Again Teen

It’s a feeling like a born again teen
Got a heartbeat we’re only 16

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Your mother wouldn't approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I finally do
And you're an all-American boy
I guess I couldn't help trying to be the best American girl

National Park Radio – Walking Song

You walking in the street
Just staring at your feet like you do
And as you pass me by
You glance at me I saw you smile

Regina Spektor – Older and Taller

All the lies on your resume
Have become the truth by now
And the things that you never did
Have become your youth somehow

Weyes Blood – Used to Be

Used to be the one that knew me
Saw through me
Used to be the one that knew me


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