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Speaking of Anna Karenina

That book was long. Really long. It took me over a month to read it, partially because I underestimated how much free time I would have on my Christmas break. And partially I found it hard to pick up knowing that there was so much to slog through.

I totally recognize that this book is really well written, with dynamic characters, a sweeping scale, and elegant turns of phrase. But it's really fucking long. Past my attention span long. Even though the chapters are really short, it was still hard to read sometimes. And I know that Levin's story of farming and Russian life is meant to illustrate the life of Russians but when a book is that long it makes it really tedious.

And sometimes I found Anna and Levin really fucking childish. Seriously? You two are adults. Act like it. And Levin, you have some major madonna/whore complex going on.

But now I have read Tolstoy

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